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I AM that I AM…

Ahh…. I AM FREE…

Come play with me and we shall dream together…

The day is done. Soft darkness fills all space. The turmoil has ceased. The hustle and bustle the roar of motors have died away. One last stranger shuffles past along the way. All is quiet now. The nights shadows hide from the white-faced moon.

I am tired from the toils of my day weary of this fretful little earth, so full of things. My feet are hot with tramping the stolid street. My throat is choked from engines poisonous fume and the dust of trivial traffic. The things of my labors over take me almost to me-mere toys that I play with throughout the day. I lay them aside.

What matter if I cannot find them again? Valedico, peevish little earth, I am going out to stroll within the milky way and bathe in an ocean of starlit sky. There is no darkness really! this thing we see and call it black, merely the limits of our sight. For all we see is in the light, that casts mere shadows we call night.

O, great, good, beautiful, wonderful night, you are so calm, so pure, you beckon me to come . I gaze through the ripples of the nights wind, down into your dark depths where the stars lie strewn. Are they the jewel like offerings some ill-fated lover cast upon your bosom? Or are they the pebbles of diamonds that sparkle in your depths? I wander down the milky way. I gather the Pleiads and make a necklace for my lover. I string them on a golden strand from the tresses of Andromeda.

What matter if the sea nymphs do rage? Perseus is near and he has slain the Draco. I scatter these star-like-gems before your feet upon the path. Wait! Triumphant Orion is passing by and his belt this gaudy girdle flashes a challenge at mad Taurus. Here are some of the flowers of Nokomis. I will gather a few and weave them into a necklace for you. What is that I hear? Why- it’s the chimes of the mid nights clock striking the twelfth hour. Have I been dreaming?

I can retire now, to rest my head once more upon my pillow. Ah! there are the things, too my toys. Perhaps I shall play with them again tomorrow. The things we create without even knowing.

I am the Dreamer and the Dream…

Come lets play !!!

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  1. I see you… Nice musical selection here!!

    February 1, 2013 at 9:47 pm

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