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I silently watch as people are now being drawn to the words of my light of Love, like moths to the flame of the small insignificant candle I placed upon the window sill of my heart silently reaching out with the power of love to all those searching, seeking and at last to find, this light which is true Love.

As they are now able to see within the darkness with such clarity the truths I am speaking of and are illuminating to you. Steadfast self-dedication, immovable, undefeatable . . . I will not stumble, I will not fall and I will not fail.

My life has true meaning a real purpose and it is to illuminate the pathway that leads to where I stood in the illuminated light of self-realization and the truth of life. Real Reality!

This pathway of self-dedicated illumination eventually led me into the deepest darkness of life to the base foundation; the very corner stone a true life is built upon, it is hidden in the blackest darkest place few ever see. Only when One has been transformed into the light upon the summit of illumination can One see with great clarity this grand Mountain breaching the clouds striving to touch the stars of heaven.

So I climbed this last monumental mountain to see what I could see, as I precariously reached this summit, I then stood upon the peak of Wisdom. Eternity exposed to me . . . Everything, Immaculately laid out right there in front of me, the Alpha and the Omega. I saw things unseeable, I remembered things unknowable. My mind reeled with it. I had achieved the peak of Elevation, “standing above it all” . . .

I recalled everything . . . starting with and, From my humble beginnings in the silence of self, and through self-realization, I had achieved the wonderful state of enlightenment, that in turn directed me to the incredible state of illumination which lit the pathway of elevation that is hidden in life’s deepest darkness now seen allowed me to rise to where I now stand contemplating with great introspection into realizing life’s true purpose, Once again I was transformed, As my light became a living breathing pure Love for all things known and unknown as One united in God’s dream.

I saw into the Great Spirits mind and heart and an unspeakable peace washed over me. I stood there as a man, a living soul, and experienced the transformation into a living Love, I cannot nor do I have mastery of the words to describe to you this, this miracle. I turned and looked into the darkness of life once again. As I stood there looking into the darkness of life with the eyes of Love, I felt so all alone as it seemed to me I stood now as One man against the entire world of mankind’s petty differences . . .

I heard a soft whisper and God said to me, My own heart breaks as I watch people kill each other, breaking each other’s hearts, destroying every beautiful thing God created for you, destroying Mother Earth and her wonders, what I saw caused me to look back into the mind and heart of Creator seeking the answers. I saw, I saw . . .With eyes, mind and heart wide open, the light that emanates from the heart and mind of Creator, it is so blindingly brilliant, at first you cannot see, it is as though you are blinded by it.

Yet, once seen it begins to softly glow a radiant beauty never before beheld with human eyes as only in the elevated state of spirit may you see it. Thus; . . . My soul soared off into the galactic endless mind of God and I saw with the eyes of innocence, I was taught the true meaning of life, now possessing the knowing of why and the understanding of life’s truest purposes. My soul returned to me and I knew what I must do. It was as if I was standing upon the peak of peaks, the summit of summits, I stood at the very precipice of eternity and now with greatest of compassion, I turned and looked back out into the darkness, of mankind’s life and saw everything as if through the eyes of God, indescribable!!!

I saw . . . the lightning bolts from within God’s heart flashing and crackling sparking flames of love, I heard the thunderous roar and the rumble of Creators heart as it cried out in pain as I was allowed to hear Mother Earth weeping. I heard the moon sigh as a witness to the devastation taking place, I heard the Sun moan and flex its might attempting to set it all right . . .

I saw the sky crack open weeping a torrent of an incalculable amount of tears, in its attempt to cleanse and renew the oceans as they crashed in rage and defiance upon the shoreline of the land of man’s insidiously evil domain of indignant self- importance, an unimaginable ignorance, destroying all of Creators and Mother Earths gifts of love and devotion intended to prolong and enhance our lives as human beings. I saw, Unthinkable atrocities, O’ how I wept, For you as everyone is blindly taking everything for granted.

Then, I was simply confronted with the love everyone denied . . . I saw all the sweet things they could find. My tears began to flow . . . as I cried for you . . . maybe I am crazy but I cannot live without your affections, not knowing why, and yet lately I love you as no other ever has, making me laugh and then to cry. Does it matter to you? That I love you and then cry because it does not matter to you? Time is on my side, as one day it will matter to you, as you begin to cry tears of love, hoping one day your love will come back to you . .

Here I am “love” living and loving you. Eternally. Today I will be beside you every step of the way . . . I will spend the end with you, as the stars die you and I will simply fly away into tomorrow, today, we will find Freedom . . . Love is all there is . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . worth doing.

No-one sees How much I love you. I never placed myself above you . . . I saw myself upon my knees, begging you to love me in the way I love you. Down on my knees . . . I have been down on my knees, now I look into your eyes and I see . . . eternity, taking place right in front of me . . . through your eyes lookin into me.
I have never seen to much love . . . what would that mean?

If I did not love you, and yet you loved me? Can you explain to me the reason? For this message? It is because I am letting my love flow, to cause you to get some happiness, and I can only pray that as I love you, you will feel the Joy of it all, stated in these few words. And know that I Love You. From the deepest depths of the Great Spirits heart.

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