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Brothers and sisters let us join hands and lend our voices to this prayer of unity, let us unite as one global family of love and wisdom… let the power of our combined voices reach out into the universe and touch Creators heart.

O’ Great Spirit, whose voice we hear upon the aged winds of time, whose breath gives life to all the world. Please hear our small voices; we do not need a miracle…

We simply need the guidance of your wisdom.

Paint within our minds the vision for us in how to walk upon the path of life in beauty, and open our eyes to forever behold the rainbow colored sunsets the promise of a new tomorrow… another new beginning.

Paint the vision in our hearts that allows our hands to respect the things you have made that sustain our lives, and let our ears be sharp and eager to hear your voice that make us wise, so that we may understand the things you have taught all people.

With deepest of humility and greatest of respect we ask these things for our brother and sister souls; We give back to you all the love you pour out into our hearts, We share your words of wisdom with the people of Mother Earth. May you smile upon the paths of all people and shine your brilliant loving light upon all paths so that everyone may see clearly how to find their way back to your heart, that teaches us

UN-conditional Love.

Wado… Mitakuye oyasin, your son of the light, Tony Gray’Owl

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