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With the sky all colored Grey, the rain is falling down, washing the air clean of the days clammy heat. A cool breeze is now gently blowing through my small work shop. I look out my doorway and watch the lightning flashing and listen as the thunder rolls away into the distance. No damage done.Such wonders of Mother Earth, the incredible show of her powers. The trees and the grasses so green now, the birds singing their praises to you Great Spirit, the frogs and the crickets chirping away in unison, Such simple yet so profound of mysteries to learn the lesson and be understood. Another flash of lightning and out goes my power my connection here gone.

 So by candle light I continue my thoughts with pen and paper.

I rose and stood within my doorway watching the show, lightening dancing in all directions around me, and the drums of the thunder rolling away, I glanced down and mere inches from my door step . . . an Owl feather lay there at my feet. A joy came over me, and tears spilled from my eyes, such a wonder, as in all this vast forest that surrounds me this single Owls feather found my door step to land upon. Mere inches from my feet. I picked it up and brushed it across my face feeling the softness of it, and laid it upon my silent key board. My thoughts now not my own . . . as spirit spoke to me in the quiet darkness all alone.

I watched as Great Grandfather created motion pictures, like an epic movie dance within my mind, and I understood, unknowable things. I cannot tell you what I saw, I cannot tell you where I went, I cannot tell you what I said nor what was said to me. I can tell you however it was immensely vast and all encompassing, so profound. Then in the silence once more, a thought, NO ! a word . . . At last I understood the word. The meaning of it, the meaning O’ so clear and simple it is.

Yes I see in great clarity, Great Spirit these things you speak to me, and God spoke commanding the power of His word and created the heavens and the earth, now I see ! the simple meaning of it all, my word. Now with my word as created in His image, I now create with the power of the word. My words, create these images in your mind, I can use this power for Good or evil ways.

To Give or to Take. Do you see? It is all in how you choose to use the Power, of your word.

I choose to create beauty, and expose my love, to conquer fear and overcome adversity with my compassion. The word, His word has been given to us. we create with the power of our words everything. or destroy it. this is free will, I choose to create understanding and the beauty of life. Here is my word.

I went to my stool in front of my computer,I sat down leaned back, looked up into the nights sky and reached out blindly picking up my Spirit of the Wheel, meditation cards and picked one out of the stack,. Hmmm…

CREATOR, wow what a pick, here is its meaning.

Key words, Awareness, Co~Creation, Change.

the Prophecy of the Creator card; The Creator card brings a period of examining your faith and values. There is a strong desire for change and redirection in your life. here, you are given the gift of awareness. A hidden truth may be revealed to you, or a new understanding is unveiled to you in the near future. This newfound information will bring about necessary changes. Connection with the One-ness of Great Spirit through your prayers and beliefs. Co~create the Hopes and dreams you have envisioned by experiencing the change and letting go of whatever is no longer serving your higher purpose. The Creator card is a gentle reminder that if you have faith in Great Spirit and yourself, you can overcome any obstacle towards this change . Having faith in the Great Mystery allows the changes to unfold.

Prayer; O’ Great Spirit Father of Creation, with the greatest of Honor , respect and in great abundant gratitude, I open myself, my heart and mind, to the complete truth of who I am. I have total faith, I trust, Great Spirit, that you will assist me as I journey along my pathway of enlightenment. Help me to manifest my dreams and develop my potential for the realization of my highest self, and the betterment of all mankind. Let me see the perfection of your creation with clear understanding of the plan you laid out for us to follow. Inspire me, lead me and I will follow. Teach me your words of wisdom and I will speak them to humanity, tell me where to go and what to do and I will accomplish it. As I have determined so it shall be. Thank you Great Grand Father Creation, I am yours, I am the clay of the Earth form me into that which you wish for me to become and use me as your empty vessel, your humble servant and I shall declare your Glory for all the world to see and hear. What a beautiful day to be alive.

May Great Spirit bless you, each of you that read these words, and all that do not as well.

Mitakuye oyasin, we are One.

Co-authored by Linda Ewashina and Tony Gray’Owl

Linda Ewashina’s web site for the,

Spirit of the Wheel meditation cards

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