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Within the darkness of life… I see with great clarity, a new Earth filled with a people that live their lives as one tribe or clan… United as one. With that thought in my heart and mind I say the following words of my hearts focused intent… A prayer of healing intent focused at every living soul alive… I speak with Great Grandfather/Grandmother, Spirit of Source. Please hear my small voice…

I ask that all people be healed of their physical pain…

I ask that all people be healed of their mental anguish…

I ask that all people suddenly realize that their hearts are full of Love and listen to their souls Wisdom.

I ask for Global Peace to replace Global War…

I ask that Anger, Hate and segregationist feelings be replaced with… Understanding, Love and total Unity.

I ask that you the one reading these my focused words of my higher intent for humanity to unite with me add your voice to the power of these words and together we can rewrite the future of all mankind, creating a new history book telling the stories of how those people used to live.

I believe in Hope…

I believe in Faith…

I believe in Love…

I believe in Miracles…

I believe in You.

Sacred blessings of Creators Love and Wisdom are herein being freely shared with you… Thank you in advance in great gratitude for your focused loving intent shared and united with mine. So says, Tony Gray’Owl your brother of the light.

Bless you for adding your beautiful voices uniting our intent dear brother and sister souls, blessings of Love and Wisdom. Remember…

Please give to the universal consciousness of the all, your praise and glory… as there is the founding root to our power, in all humility I accept your loving intent, yet remember I am but the humble messenger no one of any importance, it is our loving focused intent that is of greatest importance.

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