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I have been alive… from long before the time of man.

The only inconvenience I have ever experienced in all of eternity is that I chose to be alive here right now in this living experience of reality, and must deal with the self centered greed of the few and to see the fear and suffering of the many… how sad a life the average human being lives.

When there is such a great abundance for all provided by Mother Earth… created out of the benevolent love of Gods kind compassionate gifts he bestowed upon us all. Yet these gifts are all greedily grabbed up by the few and stored away to grow mildew and rot, this worlds infinite abundance is kept from all others and yet when the powerfully greedy ones die, can they take any of it with them? I know and you know, they cannot.

And even still after these greedy ones are gone… there are those of lessor power and yet they are even greedier than the one who just passed on and thus; these others fight over the vast abundance hidden away, hoping to possess it for themselves… instead of sharing it out of their love and compassion with the world that so desperately needs a piece of bread and a cool drink of clean water.

We live in a very sick world… no matter how you look at it. So sad. The rich commit suicide as they let the poor starve to death… injustice is alive and prevails upon this planet. When will you people learn to share the wealth, and live a life of joy instead of grabbing everything you can and still be so sad that you take your own life, while you let so many others suffer deprivation and starve to death…

I will never understand mankind, no matter how hard I try. It has been said, that the meek shall inherit the world.

Yet I say to you… We inherit the Earth the moment we are born. What matters is what we do, while we are here in the realm of physical reality. One could even ask… does it really even matter? I say yes… simply because I love without reason and care without rhyme. As this is the only time… here that you have.
O’ the things I could/would wish to say to you right now… but I must be silent as free will is the rule within this realm of reality.

What will your free will create today???

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