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Yesterday, I looked into your eyes a mirror of my Soul

Two twinkling stars, so far away, as if lost in thoughts unknown,

I wish you knew what they had told me, in silence crystal clear.

Your look, became so much deeper within my new found love.

It felt as if you were not there, You existed somewhere else, somewhere far away, with me.

I saw love shining upon your face.

Like a mirror in the garden of beauty. You stepped out of the reflection, slowly, timidly at first,

but then without abandon You threw yourself into my arms like a lost lover, Found.

With your lips wet yet on fire, filled with longing and desire is how I saw you, as I loved you in a photo

You were so close to me, closer than my breath, the very beating of my heart.

You whispered sweet sounds of happiness of the days that are yet to come.

You renewed my faith, you touched my spirit, you stirred my soul, my heart ached for you.

It caused these thoughts, these heart felt things, created from your silent love,

captured in a photo.

Our Faith so strong in understanding revealed by the act of opening our inner books of

knowledge together . . . Exposing cosmic wisdom’s

For eternities loving, the heart beat of our soul.

Illumination brought to light, a certainty that heals a broken heart,

Even though the last deed from our memory may never part.

Yet with this love, assuredly there is a brand new start.

To walk the pathways of a life in faith . . .

The universe balances us and we discover the inner strengths that removes the barriers that

separate and allows the brilliance of our being to manifest the love that’s held within our

hearts screaming to be free,

I love you my darling, even within a mere photo.

I give you my love unconditional and will never take it away.

When you feel lost and all alone, merely close your eyes, hold out your hand, you will feel me

take your hand into mine, as I am your Angel there beside you forever and a day.

All my love I give to you, a warm and gentle embrace,

thousands of kisses

like butterflies touching, touching you, touching your lips, touching your heart with mine.

After all Touching is what I do . . .

To reach out and touch you, even though its only in my mind.

To open up your mind, to touch that small spark of life, in the hopes to rekindle with my

breath of life, to fan the flames of your love . . .

with the roaring flames of mine.

I plant this tiny seed of my love, in the garden of your heart, with delicate care,

I will watch it grow.

your friend, your lover for life, your soul mate, the other half of whom we are to become.

I will love you in this photo, you can see it in my eyes.

Eternity and a day.

Today, I see a new tomorrow, Held within your eyes . . .

In a photo . . .

of my life. Yet lived . . .

Dreams of a better tomorrow held here in my hands today,

As I touch these keys that I pray unlock your tomorrow.

If you could but see it with my eyes. Dreams…

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