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These are my love letters to the world,

They are the maps that will lead you to where I stood…

And received these profound messages to all of humanity, and yet there are so many ways to say the same thing. This is but one of the ways, Creator taught me what to say to you. But first let us sing a song of honor and praise to our Great Grandfather/Grandmother, the Infinite Creator.

The following song is dedicated to the Love of my Life, the Great Grandfather/Creator, He that contemplates everything just before it happens.

Medicine Wheel, ♥ Song by Kate Wolf…

When the sun goes down and it grows too dark to see, I look within to the Shaman’s mystery. I’m on my way~ to die and live again Grandmother Earth I cry, give me rest I take my place with the woman in the West show me the Raven and the Bear, The way of herbs and the black obsidian
Hyi-ah, hyi-ah, hyi-ah
Turn toward the South, like water I will run, In innocence and trust the Moonchild’s song is sung, I’m on my way~ to the place of the sacred plants, My emotions and my will at their command, Where the Turtle’s voice is heard upon the land, Where the wise Coyote prowls and the Rattlesnake will call me to the dance
Hyi-ah, hyi-ah, hyi-ah
In the deepest night when the stars watch over me, Old Woman of the North my mind seeks clarity, I’m on my way~ to the place of the Northern winds, let the Thunder and the Lightning carry me. Lay my thoughts to rest and send me into sleep, With the Hawk and the Buffalo, My dreams white crystal magic medicine
Hyi-ah, hyi-ah, hyi-ah, Wakan tanan kici un.
(May The Great Spirit bless you).
Thank you Kate I love you and bless your kind sweet heart for allowing me to add your lovely song to the Book of Life.

I enter the Sacred Circle from the East; I sit down in the N/West the place on the medicine wheel where I incarnated into this life, my thoughts go still as I hush the little voice of ego within and enter the silence, I see myself surrounded in a crystal blue/white ball of light I am at the Centre of self. My mind is quiet as my focused intent is for the Great Spirit to listen to my heart speaking to him in the language of love…

I hear an incredibly beautiful melody and laughter like children playing at the beach. A soft whisper; let your mind sail away… with your heart, and life’s mysteries will be unraveled, as you journey through your mind; Eternity is exposed. To those… seeking, questions… asked… answered. What is it that you seek?


Is it your heart’s desire to see with your eyes through the eyes of the Infinite Creator; to fathom the vast complexities of Infinity and understand the Great Mystery?


Then in my eyes you shall see the Gravity of Love; this is what holds all things delicately in place. It is the opportunity to live your life and experience Reality… held safe and secure in the gravity of my love. The Time has come… The Past is now… The Future is revealed… do you now see that… “I AM ~ alive in you?

Yes… I understand.

The choices you make are what life is made up of. I love you this is my choice. I will look into the sky and see your face in the clouds… I have searched across all the galaxies… I have written the book of life and I will tell you, everything… Only when you look inside will you see the beauty that exists in you; as I AM in you. If you look inside yourself… you’ll see the depths of your heart… you’ll see the beauty of your soul… and when you turn around and look out from there you will see and understand the infinite wonders of the world that exists outside of you. Choices, made. I will look into the sky night & day. I will tell you the secret that I found… how to live a life, Exceptional. Give it all up, the lust… the greed… the needs of reality, all those very powerful seeds; only grow poison weeds that choke the joy out of your life. Here plant this one tiny little seed of my love in your heart which is my Garden of Eden and watch it grow. It overcomes everything, if you but dare… to share, your Love… freely with everyone… don’t you see?

You are the beginning, the Alpha that creates everything; you are life itself. You are the Omega… an infinite limitless living co-creator that has no end. Everything is in your hands… You create it all that life is… Why not love? After all is said and done… is there anything else that really matters? Love is… true Freedom! Love and your compassion are the driving forces behind everything… in the cosmos… look into the sky and watch the outcome. You will see the beauty of it all. If but everyone… only knew… what they could do… when wisdom is applied consciously to life in a human form… the incomprehensible… can be attained… with nothing more than a mere thought… What is it? That you wish to be?

Is it so strange that I would wish to change the world of man? What if one man could alter the course of history? I wish all people could see through the eyes of this stranger.

Mitakuye oyasin (we are all related to everything that exists) Never forget that I love you perhaps as no-one ever has, Once again Great Grandfather spoke to me saying… I stood alone as the light of MY creation, neath the shadows of forest evergreen, as “I AM” the light that “Illuminates” mankind from the darkness of reality. Inspired by the Great Spirit/God; into the mind and from the heart of Tony Gray’Owl, Adonai, till another day, I love you forever.

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2 responses

  1. Philip

    This is truly beautiful and stimulating and deeply moving,yet though do I need to feel this with in yet LOVE I Am and ONENESS is with in my heart all our hearts/soul it is like Shakti/Chi.The divine Taku Skan Skan That which moves and Orienda presence what do you think.

    February 7, 2013 at 9:26 pm

  2. Beauty beyond all that’s been said before…
    Lila wopila … you are indeed one of the few who do grasp the infinite Love of Creation for itself, the Love of Creator for All*That*Is
    and your Love, the treasure that will blossom and make the world a place of Beauty, Respect, Truth, Justice, Harmony, Peace and Balance
    in alignment with the Sacred Universal Laws that rule our Universe… May the galaxies hear this voice that was born to this world to bring awareness through the feather of a true poet. Honouring, most profoundly and with*in all Blessed Love from the Angelic realm and the Rainbow Heart of One.

    I am blessed to read these words and they do take me back home, while opening new doors to the infinite Sacredness of life itself…
    Pilamaya ye oyate, Wakan Tanka nici un
    O’ Mitakuye Oyas’in!

    February 23, 2015 at 8:01 am

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