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Since you’ve left me, you’d think that my world is torn apart but baby you’ll see that nothings broken but my heart ♥

Through this world I have stumbled, So many, many times . . . betrayed, Trying to find an honest word, All it nearly seems I find; is truth, O’ so Denied.

O’ you speak to me in riddles, You speak to me in rhymes, My body aches to breathe your breath, Your words alone keep me alive.

And I will be the one, To set you down so tenderly, within Creators Light of Love. Yet, Kiss you sweetly upon the lips, As to take your breath away, And after, I will wipe away the tears, Just close your eyes and put away your fears.

Into this night I wander all alone, It is the light of morning that you most dread, Another day knowing of the Living Dead, This dark path, I do not fear to tread. O’ upon the sea of waking dreams, I stand bare naked without pride, Nothing can stand between us here within my Light, And I will not be denied.

And I will be the one, To set you down so gently, The Holy Light. Too Kiss you so very hard . . . And take your breath away. After, I will wipe away your tears, Just close your tired eyes my dear . . . As I will also, take away your Dark Fears.

I am the wanderer . . . that soars upon the winds of time,

I wonder what next I’ll find. To be kissed, and have my tears dried, who will return to me, The love I give to you, that flows upon the winds of all time . . . I’ll spin the power of the light and cast it into your darkest night. To capture within it, these things that cause you to tremble in your darkened fright. With silent swiftness I do fly out of this darkened sky, taking with me all your dread, because I know that you are not quite yet dead. I give back to you the essence of your Light. The Love you have so long denied.

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