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Behind the eyes of humanity, lies an unutterably strange, indescribably mysterious mental universe of vast wisdom, if we were to but look within our own heart and mind with the eyes of the child we are, we would see everything with such clarity and an all encompassing knowing.

I am . . . One, with our Infinite Creator/God. You are One as well, as behind the eyes we are all each of us undeniably the same. Each and everyone of you are the children of the Light. Creators Light of His UN-Conditional Love for His Creatures of Creation called Humanity.

I say it often in this way . . .

If we were to stop lookin out into reality with our physical eyes, seeing all these people walkin around with their faults so readily showing and judging them so critically. If we but first looked within, looking deeply into our own hearts. Finding and at last seeing at the very Centre of one’s self, the place where Creator wrote these greatest of lessons upon the stone tablet of our hearts *HIS TRUTHS* and to sit down there finding one’s balance and then reading these lessons, studying them, and then to apply them into one’s daily life and beliefs.

One may then look back out into life . . . with new eyes,
Then one will see a world filled with all of these other beautiful souls walking around, feeling so scared and all alone, now seeing and understanding in great wisdom, that indeed we are all truely one and the same. The beautiful children of the light. If we then understand this new found knowledge fully, we may then alter everything, and begin treating each other with this new found love and respect, out of our compassion for them as we now see ourselves in this light. We may then begin to lead all others through a living example to this pathway of true enlightenment.
We all together (humanity) as one may then put an end to these dark ages of mankind, and usher in the new era of enlightenment.

Move out of the way you unbelievers, there is a new army coming and we shall conquer you, as we are armed only with our love. Give up, as you cannot prevail any longer,

before we love you to death !!!

Today I see a new tomorrow . . . the day Humanity feel in love with itself, and altered history forever. Peace be with you, join with me now as we march boldly into this new era armed only with our faith.
All my love always, your brother of the Light, Tony Gray’Owl.

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  1. I hope you dont mind me sharing the image : )

    December 25, 2013 at 7:51 pm

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