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I have often wondered exactly how our brains function and how we come to believe what we believe. It seems at times that we simply by pure instinct seem to know when something presented to us is what we call the truth.

How do we really know this?

Speaking from a scientific logical point of view…

The right cerebral hemisphere of the brain (feminine) is largely responsible for creating a coherent belief system, in order to maintain a sense of continuity in one’s concepts of life.  Therefore, each new experience/idea that coexists with the current belief system is readily assimilated into the current belief system. When these new ideas or experiences do not fit the parameters of the predetermined belief system they are simply dismissed as irrelevant or even ignorant nonsense.

However; counter balancing the right hemispheres’ activity is the left cerebral hemisphere of the brain (masculine), which has the opposite tendency of the right side. Whereas the right hemisphere tries to preserve the validity of the current belief system, the left hemisphere is constantly challenging the status quo. When the discrepant anomalies (thoughts) become too large the right hemisphere forces a revision in our world view.

So what is real… what is reality… what is relative ?

My personal understanding of these concepts are summed up in what I call the experience of REALATIVITY.

Our thoughts… these are the founding concepts of all creation, that stems from within the One Original Thought… Without thought there can be now growth… without thought there is no creation… if there is no creation, does life exist ?

We feel with our heart through emotions rather than thinking with our brain, believing that we are a solid living entity, and yet who is thinking the thoughts within this physical entity ?

Behind the eyes of man exists a vast universe, the library of the super consciousness.

These feelings and or emotions are the thought processes of the heart; which is our spirit, the eternal living essence that conceived the original thought of creation. Therefore, what is creation ? The spiritual concept of a thought or the physical experience of the thought ?

I was just thinking… now look what I have created, a Dichotomy. Henceforth; what is Faith… it is a highly focused thought, which manifests our reality, or is it the meaning of the experience of reality itself?

Behind my eyes exists a mental cosmic expanse of UN-imaginable worlds…

Things inconceivable to the average mind of man, yet I can assure you that they exist. Therefore; is reality mere thoughts wondering through our brains… or do they really exist as the emotions of our hearts reality?

Often I close a post, or a comment with the term; ( Adonai )
This is the meaning of my intent, – Adonai is more than God’s name; it is a personal statement that God is the Lord of my life, the possessor of my very being – Adonai speaks of my relationship with God’s total possession of not only my being, but also my spirit thus, is my confession to the Great Spirit and to all of mankind, of my total submission to the will of God…

As above so Below,

This is the truth or the very essence in the understanding of the highest wisdom that we all seek. Adonai, my dear brothers and sisters, in closing…

My answer to the question, what is faith?

I can come to only one surreal conclusion…

Repeat after me… I AM FREE, from the entrapments of reality…

I AM the living essence of Creation; Therefore I do not need to have Faith…

I AM Faith.

By Tony gray’Owl

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3 responses

  1. debra

    This is wonderful. Thank you 🙂

    July 27, 2013 at 10:15 pm

    • I am so happy that you are here Debra. Blessings of love and light to you.

      July 27, 2013 at 10:57 pm

  2. Philip

    Thanks Tony as always for your love and insights.

    August 19, 2013 at 10:24 pm

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