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To give beyond reason…

To care beyond hope…

To love without limit,

To reach, to stretch, to dream in spite of our fears, these are the signs of our Divinity. The essence of our Immortality and are our Badges of Honor; wear them in humility as immeasurable is the pride I feel for you. Your light has illuminated darkened paths. Your compassion has lifted darkened spirits. Your Love has healed broken hearts and your living example has altered the course of History.

This is the time to celebrate the brilliance of your light; and that is the the living essence of the Great Spirit in you and with your light you have illuminated that the light is also in me. You have through your living example caused these thoughts and emotions to well up from deep within my own Heart and the depths of my Mind.

I will think about what kind of person I wish to become when I am an Elder. To seek the eternal flame of Truth always… I will start developing myself now to be this person. I will walk with the Great Spirit and the Grandfathers and Grandmothers at my side to show me the way.I shall walk the path of my life in beauty so that all may see clearly the contents of my heart…

I will develop myself to maintain a positive attitude in all matters.

I will develop a strong and compassionate mind.

I will develop purest of Love within my heart.

I will examine myself daily to understand what I did and what I need to improve.

I will examine my strengths and weaknesses then I will ask the Creator to guide me with his wisdom.

I will listen for the Creator’s voice upon the wind.

I will watch nature and ask to be shown the lessons that occur along my path.

I will seek out the Elders Guiding Principles that guided my ancestors.

I will walk in Dignity, Honor and Humility Conducting myself as a wise warrior.

I will seek the guidance of the Elders; so that I may maintain the knowledge of our Culture ~ Ceremonies our Songs of Praise and Glory to the Great Spirit insuring that I may pass these on to all future generations. I choose to do all these things myself because no one else can do them for me.

I know that I cannot give away what I do not possess. I will need to learn to walk the talk, to lead by Living Example the ways of the, GREAT SPIRIT.

My personal Letter to the World; is to Keep Brightly Lit within my Heart the Fire of the Great Spirits Love for us His Children of the Light/* Mitakuye oyasin, we are ONE.

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