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What is the one true Path?

The One True Path… is discovered only by understanding Creators unconditional Love, combined with a limitless desire for Knowledge and an unquenchable thirst for God’s Wisdom.

All Beings are learning the hard way and the soft way but learn we all must! Here is the answer to the question, what is the one true path?

There is only *One true Path of life* it guides you through all of life’s experiences.

It is the path of Birth to Death.

The mission of one’s Life; is therefore to have compassion for all others upon this path, to be one with yourself and all things. To follow the calling of your Heart; this is what should be guiding you now. Be your compassionate self and the path becomes you. Follow your Instincts and go forth bravely onto your Path of birth and death, as this Path ~ is ~ your Destiny and only you can make it happen by living it, one conscious moment at a time.

The Great Grandfather said to me, if you come to me in this moment I will teach you everything. As each moment becomes your minutes, and your minutes become your hours, and your hours become the days and all your days combine together are the lessons of life. Understanding that each moment creates your entire life’s experience. This is the only path there is in the reality of a sentient human being, the leading path of birth to death of a living souls journey here in the physical realm reveals the purpose of life; which is to experience the Conditional love upon this plain of reality and set it free in this reality unconditionally thus; one has truly come to an Infinite knowing and understanding of the beauty of our Creators eternal unconditional Love.

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