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I will tell you the secret that I discovered…

How to live a life, Exceptional.

Give it all up, the lust… the greed… the needs of reality, all those very powerful seeds; they only grow poison weeds that choke the joy out of your life.

Here plant this one tiny little seed of my love in your heart which is the true Garden of Eden and watch it grow. It overcomes everything; if you but dare to share your Love freely with everyone… don’t you see? We the people in unity can bring about world peace. It begins with passive resistance, simply refuse to fight and kill other people. No matter what the blind ignorant leaders say… without the people to do the fighting they are powerless to indulge in warfare. Lay down your weapons and simply go home.

End of war = world peace.

You are the beginning, the Alpha that creates everything; you are life itself. You are the Omega… an infinite limitless living co-creator that has no end. Everything is in your hands… You create all that life is… Why not love? After all is said and done… is there anything else that really matters? Love is… true Freedom!

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