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Speak now to your soul I do;

In Spirit form I AM YOU.

I AM the Rainbow Spirit Warrior…

I AM Gray’Owl Oracle of Prophecies

I hear the wise voice within the forest speak to me…

Perhaps you think the Creator sent you here to destroy everything. Is this what you think? Is to become of us? Our instructions are to care for and protect Mother Earth. You cannot dispose of us as you see fit. We never said the land is ours to dispose of, or to give out to one or the other as you seem to think that you can own it.

The right to dispose of it belongs to the One that created it. The land is a gift of life from the Great Spirit, in order that we may experience and share with each other the beauty and the abundance it provides. The Mother Earth provides for us the human beings all things we need as we live here upon Mother Earth. And in the winds that pass through these aged trees we hear the passing of our Ancestors ghosts in these words their voice may be heard and my own voice comes back to me saying;

Brothers and sisters listen to my words spoken; crying out from the wilderness in my reply to these things you have asked, listen to the silent voice of Creator. The extent of His words was not to be heard; otherwise the last of these acts could never have been done to us. Our tears have fallen like drops of rain, I hear my own voice in the silent sounds of the forest, underneath leaf of evergreen my words must now be few, as I cannot say to you what has happened to us as you turn and walk away. No one seems to care, few even dare.

For the Great Spirit is silent to you when the sun goes down and sets upon your life. We are held in captivity, this it seems you do not realize, within our own land, right here, right now in this so called modern society, right in front of everyone, the entire world, where every other people are free to live as they wish in their own country.

World wars have been fought in the name of freedom, yet who has ever came to our aid, to set us free from this slavery, we suffer, As each of you are free to be who you are, French, English, Saudi, Chinese, Japanese, Russian, Mexican, and an all encompassing majority of you are free to live in your own country as you see fit.

Except for us; The American Indian.

Are we to be kept in silent slavery forever?

When will the powers of the world come to our aid?

To set us free to live as human beings governing our own country ourselves as we see fit? When this happens . . . When you come to our aid as you do the Jews and so many others constantly, you will set also yourselves free from the United States government’s grip of fear over you.

This is not our wish, for us the original ancient people of the Americas do not wish our government to spend us into poverty fighting winless wars that span the globe. We wish for all of humanity to be free; to live in peace as we do. How long must we suffer this savage slavery?

In the eyes of all the people of this world that daily accept this horrible solitaire injustice to the American Indians alone. If you were to lend the power of your voice to only that which you wish to be free from? Where then would their power lie?

Set us free!!!! Please help us.

The Silent Nation of American Indians.

We ask you one other thing of great importance.

Which country can stand up and say in any kind of truth that we invaded their land and brought war on them, whose children have we slaughtered? Other than in defending our own nation, our own people from a conquering invasion have we fought with you. Our lands were invaded by foreign people driven by blind greed for their thirst for our riches such as gold, silver and copper, and to take possession of our land. No one can say this; we have never invaded any other country.

Who in this modern civilized world will come to our aid? We are a wise Ancient people; we understand that we cannot take back our country, as the United States is to powerfully set in motion. All we are really asking is to be recognized as the American Indian people we are and allowed to have our own recognized world sovereignty as our own nation as you do and our own independence with the freedom to have our own country within our country.

To live our lives in peace as we justly see fit,

We must gather all tribes together as one nation…

And reclaim by our own actions, our Sovereignty…

To govern our selves with our own laws,

and no longer to be impoverished…

by laws that are imposed upon us by a foreign power.

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One response

  1. You ask who will help you, well.. I will.
    My name is Peter and i live in Holland
    When i was a 17 year old boy i went to America and visited a pow-wow in Iowa.
    I spoke long to one of the indians living there, or actually i listened while he taught me
    about mother earth and the great spirit.
    He taught me that what you take from the earth you must give back to the earth.
    I thought that this would be difficult for me since i had already taken so much in my short
    life, maybe i could do something when i would grow up.

    21 years went by
    Well now i am a man of 38 and i am starting my company turning used coffee grounds into
    compost and giving it back to mother earth.
    Whenever possible i share the message with all the people i talk to, that what you take from
    mother earth you must give back to her, because nothing is for nothing.

    with love, Peter

    November 18, 2015 at 11:20 pm

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