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Spirituality is waking up each morning and aligning yourself with the Universe.

Spirituality is living your life in ORDER, and knowing all that this word means and encompasses.

Spirituality is knowing the laws of the Universe, and guiding your life in accordance to them. Many times, spirituality is saying NO, because we are CONSCIOUS of the consequences that a ‘yes’ might bring.

Spirituality is taking honest responsibility for a difficult situation in which you were involved, observing yourself and acknowledging your part in the deeds, and not blaming others for what happened.

Often, spirituality means quitting, giving up what you want the most, what you desire the most, what you like the most, because you UNDERSTAND that it would bring disharmony to your physical body or your soul, or to others, or to the planet, and to the rest of the Universe.

Spirituality is waking up from that absurd way in which we live, and beginning to live in an authentic and true way.

Spirituality is seeing with the eyes of the spirit, beyond what the physical eyes can see.

Spirituality is awakening conscience within us.

Spirituality is living with BALANCE.

Spirituality is looking back and feeling that your life was not in vain, and that you were born one way and, as you advanced on your path, you grew and matured.

Spirituality is taking care of your body because you have realized how important it is.

Spirituality is having a positive attitude toward others and making the world a better place each day, even if it may seem like nothing is changing, because each one of us is millions of thoughts that influences the collective mind of this planet, OUR PLANET, our home.

Spirituality is being selective in life, on all levels – mental, physical and emotional.

Spirituality is being thankful.

Spirituality comes from ‘spirit’, and in order to be spiritual, we must have developed our spirit first, because we are all born with a soul but not with a spirit. This latter one is something we must work to attain. And this is not achieved through prayer or church attendance, charity work or books, or by saying that you’re a being of light, or just meditating, I say no.

You must first work on this individually, with a genuine interest in knowing who you are, where you come from, and where you’re going. A profound labor and path, one of great responsibility and honesty, but, in the end, one with rewards so grand and lasting as are HARMONY and PEACE inside of you and in all that surrounds you. Spirituality has to do with the Universe; it’s when the soul understands that it is part of that vastness and becomes intertwined with It. Then you will understand true Spirituality.

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  3. valerie hope

    The Magic of this healing continues…thanks for your wonderful moments of divine sharing. My heart feets , the mind and body spiritual messages , the incredible lessons and the clear explanations of spirituality, What a Glorious experiences, it all so profound, it sits well in my spirit, and I rejoice with full gratitude..I am feeling THE BEAUTY OF BALANCE.. I am most humble and at peace with these messages of healing that comes through you, My request to Mother earth,,in many ways are now being answered..How great and powerful it this , and how wonderful it is to be able to share these Universal medicines , The music of life in magical divine words of grace, that has been channelled to you …My heart rejoices in loving peace and I am most grateful for these sacred times shared in ONENESS ..thanks for sharing The Universal togetherness in such divine unity. …be blessed in love and peace..please continue on this illuminating path of love, beauty and truths…. Thank you for being YOU..

    October 23, 2014 at 12:48 pm

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