Page 28.

Eternal Soul

How do we see …

From the perspective of the eternal soul?

Visualize yourself returning to the place of Creation and awakening in soul form.

Visualize basking in the light of pure unconditional love. Feel the freedom of no limitations, just peace.
It is here, in this place of Creation, the place of nothing and the place of everything that you recognize the self as eternal consciousness that never dies.

And it is here where you decide to incarnate,

To take on the human form to continue the path of your souls’ evolution. To learn the lessons, to grow and expand within the potential of your innate unique gifts and talents and to give and receive within the law of karma.

Linda Ewashina/White-Buffalo-Heart



One response

  1. i love your pages, your sayings, music and art…they are all beautiful..thank you

    September 10, 2013 at 2:22 am

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