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Love is like a Rose…

This . . . is the book of my heart that has just been stolen.

These Thieves slipped in from a foggy sea in the dark of night, but they did not realize . . . That we had left the very essence of our being here for them to find, Our treasure . . . our heart, when they opened it, This is what they let loose upon the world!

Our “LOVE” . . . has now been set free, like the essence of a rose to flow out like a raging river to the Oceans of life that leads to where “HOPE” floats. Eternal. With this knowledge in hand, we set sail out upon the oceans of our heart . . . a vast sea of tranquility.

I caught a glimpse out of the corner of our eye . . . A glimmer of light . . .

Glittering, glowing like a fallen star, it seemed just beyond the horizon. So we turned our sail to see what this thing may be . . . and this is what we found. A tiny little bottle !

In it, was a message written in a foreign language called… “LOVE”

We wish to share with you this tiny insignificant piece of our heart…

Just as a rose touches everyone… your beauty makes our hearts smile, Your love so full bursting forth . . . Like the essence of the flower spilling out into life . . . Completely overwhelms the sense’s and fills the mind with your beauty. We must be kind and gentle, in the way we touch each other, for like the roses thorn, we too can pierce and cause to bleed, not just the skin so easily cut, but to the core…

This thing we call our HEART.

Yet unlike the petal.. That fall’s and fades into the past, A broken “heart” remembers the deed that was “last”… Just as the rose can pierce, to cause some pain and bleed, Yet… We go back time and again for the beauty that makes us smile. It’s essence that fills our sense’s and overwhelms our mind. Teaches but one lesson. We must always forgive unconditionally and let the essence of our,”love” work it’s wonderful magic that mends a broken heart.

It’s not an easy task, too make two become one. Not unlike the rose and the thorn, they two are simply one. It is accomplished with the gentlest of touch to make the two of us… One.

Come raid my living tomb, steal my treasures the seeds of love, sail the seas of life, carry them around the world with you where ever you go. Plant the seed of Gods love and watch it grow. Even in the most desolate desert this treasure, Creators Love will flourish as an oasis, a place of safe haven. A place where the Breath of Life begins. A new adventure, an epic journey upon the sea of tranquility. Plant this seed in your heart and watch it grow. Experience the essence of everything as the rose of your heart blossoms and spills its wonderful essence into life.

I heard one time . . . that we should take the time . . .
to stop and smell the roses, the essence of our life.
Hmmm . . . . thats nice !

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