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The INNER CIRCLE of LIFE; presents


The INNER CIRCLE of LIFE is Tony Gray’Owl’s Foundation; for the highest realizations of self understood according to the lessons contained within the original Law of One, which are the concepts of the Original Thought.

These lessons are unadulterated by mankind’s illusionary rewrites using greed and fear to veil the truth, these are the teachings of the Great Spirit/God’s instructions to his children of the light here upon Mother Earth.

Explaining in explicit detail how to live a life of peace, prosperity, equality, great abundance and filled with Creators loving joy.

These instructions have been masterfully extracted and compiled from within humanities recorded Divine Avatars writings from throughout all time and through the higher realizations inspired at Great Spirits Divine direction.

Everything you will read in my writings from the Masters and have been carefully blended together and compassionately combined with the incredibly beautiful spiritual teachings of the Ancient North American Indigenous Medicine Wheel, the Sacred Hoop that, I Call the INNER CIRCLE of LIFE.

Thus I share with you these concepts of a most incredibly beautiful spiritually enlightened way to base and live one’s daily life upon.

Welcome, A’ho to all that find their way here, to this one tiny spot in the entirety of the cosmos. Are you seeking things unknown?

Answers to questions that haunt you?

I AM Gray’Owl Indigenous Shaman from Turtle Island (America), an Elder in the Rainbow Warrior tribe, Keeper of the Sacred Hidden Knowledge. I teach the highest thoughts from within the Centre of the CIRCLE of LIFE. Feel free to tag share or repost anything I share upon my wall as long as it is done freely and not for personal gain. Thank you for visiting me here at the INNER CIRCLE of LIFE, your brother of the light Tony Gray’Owl

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