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When a woman closes her eyes…and looks within,

Looking within her own heart and seeing the man she loves living there, she is not looking at how he looks with earthly eyes, she is seeing him as how heavenly he makes her feel in her own heart.

With my eyes I see the true beauty of every woman alive. No matter what she may look like to others, I peer into their hearts and drink my fill of true loves nectar. As Within every woman’s Heart are her secret deepest heart felt emotions of Love and devotion, the very essence of her soul and beautiful being.These are her gifts…

A woman possesses within her heart the incredible things that makes every man who he is.

Today I honor the beauty held captive in each heart of every woman, I wish I possessed the Key to set your love free. Namaste. Your brother of deep insight, Tony Gray’Owl.

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    May 7, 2014 at 3:55 am

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