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A prophecy of Love, by T. Gray’Owl.

Listen as the Great Spirit speaks to you; my children of reality… I have given you the gift of vision, so that through my eyes like an artist you can create your thoughts and share them with the rest of the world, things that are unknown to them as they have become blinded and lost in the world of mans dream world of reality, teach them my Wisdom never seen. I love you from the heart of your Father, you are my love… living… the truth has now been Exposed. As I have also given you command over the power of Creation itself… what will you manifest today?

Gray’Owl speaks, saying you have blessed my soul far beyond the average person, as everywhere I look I see you… everything my mind and hands create… are created by you, as you are the One that teaches me the way, from the mountains to the sea I will be the light.

Listen carefully to these words Spirit spoke to me;

You are the Alpha, the Beginning of everything, and the Omega, the never ending essence of my love in motion. Even in death I glorify your eternal soul! My soul loves you, I love you like no other ever has or can. I will always love you… hold onto my love, it’s the only thing that you can hold onto, hold onto my love it is the only thing you can take with you through death… hold onto my love, throughout your lifetime… and you shall live a life extraordinaire.

Hold onto my love, there is no higher power… hold onto my love, there is nothing higher than you… there is no higher place, than where you are standing… hold onto my love, as this is the Hope for mankind’s hopeless. Hold onto my love, it is the very essence of your being… it is what you are made of. Hold onto my love, when you do you are holding onto me… and in the end you will realize when you were lost, scared and feeling all alone, my love was the only thing holding onto you.

Here is the *dichotomy* of your life… hold onto my love, yet I tell you that you must set it free, give it away, share it completely in its totality with the entirety of mankind and only then may you posses my love in its entirety. Do you see? Do you understand? Hold onto my love, by giving it away.

This is how to accomplish this mighty task… Give all of your love away, and as you do I will give my love to you endlessly, so hold onto my love by giving it away… after all that is what I do, I give my love to you endlessly whether you have read and understand this message… or not.

From the BOOK of SAYINGS, by Tony Gray’Owl

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One response

  1. Cynthia Morningstar Smith

    Beautiful – Is this in book form? If so, what is cost and availability – could not find it on Amazon

    May 11, 2016 at 10:01 pm

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