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Hello; I have been sitting here in the total silence of self for the last few days, thinking… about our lives.

And Loves ~ Illusions caused me to think of the co-delusions

we create within our minds,

or was that your heart, I just caught a glimpse of dancing through mine?

O’ how can I not love you? You are so precious to me.

Is it just me… that sees the horrific heartache and sorrow of the ones that have loved and lost, as gender has no ownership here… doesn’t it seem to you that no matter what ever happens, no matter how horrific/devastating an event is… that the worst of the world just goes right on moving forward, without a care in the world as to how it effects all others?

Many are the ones that have said that I am delusional, Ha Ha Ha Ha… they think that I am beyond lost… within my dreams of our life’s grandeur.

And yet each day!!! The Great Spirit touches my heart and opens my mind, revealing yet another way, for me to touch your hearts and tell you how much you are loved here in the illusion of reality… Tee hee, Ha ha, Lol… it is all so simple when you possess the key. I not only possess the Key, I can recreate them for you! Shall I share mine with you… or do you wish to have your own?

Years are like the tumblers in a lock… when keyed, years go tumbling by changing everything… have you come to know that my love grows as your life goes passing by… do you Love? Are you Love? I AM… and thus; here within this message I place upon the breath of my very own life, the sweet kisses of true loves meanings, a revelation I freely share with you.

I compassionately send to you this message upon the very breath of my life. I exhale slowly, Shhhh… listen to me please… Experience the fragrant touches upon your heart as God unlocks your heart and opens up your mind. In order for you too know that Love… lives, no matter what anyone says…

I know that love is alive. I also know this…

Love is creation… Love is divinity… Love is kind no matter what… Love is the essence of compassion for all others… Love is what we should wake up with each day rooted deep within our hearts and compassionately thought about in the vastness of our minds as you cognize with the Creator.

Do you now know and understand the totality of knowing that Creators Love is the essence of your being, it/you have neither beginning nor an end… Spirit spoke softly saying these words… My Love is your Alpha that passes through the Omega of your death and yet, you still live. My Love is the most essential of all elements… it is the single element that in and of itself created eternity.

The Great Spirit asked me to also explain to you the founding concepts of Love. OK here goes… God said…

I did this because… I wished to love you forever. Why? Because I can/do. Thus you have a pre-paid invitation to live forever within the depths of my heart and the vastness of my mind, as no-one will ever love you like I do.

My Love is the key that unlocks your hearts… My Love is the majiek that holds your hearts doorways wide open… My Love is the way to awaken your minds.

With My Love in your hearts every morning is the way to greet each new day; With My Love in your mind every evening is the way to say good night.

Never forget, My Love is the gift that you shower upon each other, and heals all broken hearts. It is God’s Loving way of showing us how to come together in perfect unity. You cannot enjoy your life to its full extent by doing senseless things in the world of reality, and also receive the blessings of God’s greatest gift. The essence of His love that makes the two of us become One.

Not to long after my beginning I was eager to love, I loved my mother like no other, but the years went by and I learned the hard way that it was mostly lust… are you willing to learn the true meaning of Love?

Your life becomes far clearer when seen through a deep understanding of what is called the sacred union. This is when the physical reality/body by the vow of the two, creates the one. A joining of two physical entities into a life long adventure. What you do not understand? There is where I loved you beyond love.

Have, you not seen the signs? Have you not seen the beauty that the union of two Swans in love create? The two of them that chooses to become one, and the world of mankind must understand that all good things come from honoring that which we hold sacred in our lives… and this is to understand that nothing exists that does not stem from love, knowing this explains to you in great clarity that it is your duty to love your soul mate of your choice in this life within the realm of reality, and do so as if this life is… eternity.

Hmmm… I think that changed everything. Such as,

Love creates the sacred union of two hearts and is a short cut to the awakening of your minds. What we create together in secret manifests itself profoundly in the world of reality, as the children of our light, our children created with God’s love, as were we. Do you see? OK, listen closely… a prophet speaks… saying,

A man needs his goddess to lift him up, and to honor him and the choices he makes that guides them along their journey of life together. A woman needs the Love of her god, to show her how important their mission in this life is.
Together the man and the woman, honors each others existence, never forgetting that every day must begin with true Love, every evening must end with a passionate Love, in order to accomplish their mutual missions on earth and that is to create another child of the light and teach them to respect Mother Earth and her wonders, to love and respect all people and thus we together extend the experience of true reality to all other… souls.

This can only be accomplished through teaching our children how to Love each other unconditionally.
If only for a moment each day, attempt to remember within every marriage bed is a man and a woman, but if we forget to honor each other in loving ways, we find ourselves dealing with a spoiled little boy or a girl that feels needy or unloved.

We are those children and we can get into trouble if left alone; remember it takes a mature adult to admit openly that they are wrong. I am reminded here to also explain that separation is never just one persons fault. It takes two to create a wrong, it also takes two to set it right.

The God & Goddess within each of us are the Great Grandfather/Grandmother essences of their creation and we as individuals must both accept our part of not forgetting about what is most important in this life, if we become like children in our marriage bed we begin to act out the illusion and everything falls apart, and that is where heartache and sorrow begins. Do you see? The truth? Sometimes… its painful to accept your own reality head on. But when you do it lovingly… O’ how simple it all is.

This is the basic Law of One…Unconditional Love, embraces all aspects of life, self and selflessness, which is what binds us together in an understanding that we are individuals but!!! we are in this life all together as One… Together/Individually we must decide to remain in our own personal divine space, where there is only the thoughts of being the Father/Mother/God, and no one else can break your sacred union. This is a new beginning that for some of you will be a difficult concept to get a grip on.

We are here to create a new universe within this reality where everyone understands what all others needs are, and turns away from everything that does not elevate our efforts of enlightenment. Positive thoughts are the basic building blocks, which lift each other up with our kindness, compassion and love freely given, openly shared with each other.

When we open our eyes each morning taking in the beauty of our soul mates vulnerability… each morning we should say… I thank God for you, my loving soul mate, and our sacred union. That is how I tell my other self, I am happy that God placed you in my world. I never want to take you for granted, because before you came into my life, I traveled alone.

The most wonderful of all gifts is having someone to love and that loves you in all equality. We cannot take a leave of absence from this journey, we must always be aware of each other’s love and feelings as we enjoy the journey together as one, if nothing or no~thing can come before/between the other, the union is sacred.

Love creates our sacred union in the illusion of reality… As with physical eyes we see each other and know that we are real… Yet it is Love that drives us to accomplish our divine task… which is to make two separate loves become One Love.

Have I told you that I love you… for eternity.

Together we the people of Mother Earth make up the sacred union… please turn the lock you placed upon your heart and open the door that awakens your mind… as this is the pathway that leads to world peace, equality and the enjoyment of Mothers Earths abundance by all people.

Blessings of the Love that I receive from God eternally I have now shared with you.

Remember… Only you can set us free… by unlocking your heart and opening your mind. Eternity is within your grasp… all you must do is take hold of your Love and wield the power of creation… manifesting into the dark dream of reality… the light of equality,

I AM… are you?

You have an open invitation… that you cannot deny, as you read the words that brought you to these words written right here, Have you seen the meanings of these words? Do you know the answer???

My Answer… all I can say is Love in my mind is the only way to a normal life… I’ll be quiet now… hold on to nothing as no matter what, everything will ever be the same…

Nobody’s ever loved you like I do. So here goes… beyond destruction… I saw your heartache and that caused me to wish and then manifest the dream I had seen. Seldom ever seen… much less realized by you.


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  1. Love is the essence of all creation~

    November 8, 2012 at 10:34 am

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