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I have a confession to make… and I am struggling with the words that may convey my true feelings. I am in awe of my own achievements in myself dedicated mission as I am well on my way to showing the world through my own living example the pathway that leads one’s self into the light of true love. I must say with an honesty that can only be found at the very depths of humility; and it is that I accomplished this miracle as I traveled along, all alone discovering the path of my life gleaning the meaning of my life as I was going about picking up the pieces of my own broken heart.

I state that I will love you forever and a day because; I have realized that true love can only be found within one’s own beating heart,

With eyes blinded by my burning tears, I write this letter to you as I stand here in the light of my own truth and true love bursts out of my heart as like a flowers fragrant healing balm a medicine that cannot be bought. I set my love free and the essence of my love now flows into all other broken hearts and I smile as true love gently touches your heart in a way nothing or no-one else ever has… before now.

Look into my eyes and you will know everything I just said is the absolute truth. With deepest sincerity and in all humility, Tony Gray’Owl I am feeling highly poetic,


Gray’Owl, looks deeply within his mind and from the silence of self, begins to speak softly saying; I am always watching… Into the Dark I bravely soar seeing things unseeable with great clarity… I have been searching for you for a very, very long time within this dark dream.

Ha ha ha ha ha, hoot who, whoooo says the owl in the darkness of the night… there you are! Lol… I was rather beginning to think that you didn’t want, to be found. Now that I have found you, shall I lift you up and carry you upon this web of Love I weave, to the one solitary pathway of Eternal Love?

To show you to where the eternal fountain of Love is, that pours out of Creators Heart, streaming into our hearts and thus… we as a human being lives.

I do this in order to change the way everything has always been done by a few men to all of humanity in these far too long dark ages of man that has now come to an end.

As I rise upon the light and soar above the clouds, I usher in a new Era! Upon my wings of light I soar upon the dawning of the day of Enlightenment. I am here as your guide, to show you the way to overcome the darkness as you step into the light, you will see with great clarity. How everything has been done before now, and you will realize that my way is a far better way, to live a life, based on the Law of One’s teachings.

Do you, can you see? I have… therefore so can you. Shhh… pay attention, I will be your guide to these tracks that have gone unnoticed for nearly all of time… I clearly mark each one of them. I will be your guide, smiling, singing dancing all along the way, come follow me to freedom it is but a step away. All you have to do is see them and then you also know the way to the path of true freedom…

I am the Wanderer… I see you clearly now, The Eyes of Truth are always upon you… Watching and Waiting.

I am the Wanderer… Listen to my voice upon the winds of time, from across the great divides, Voices trapped in yearning, Memories trapped in time. The night is my companion, I see in perfect clarity as a solitary guide, Should I spend forever here within these darkened nights, And still not be satisfied? NO!!!

I shall be the Light… And I shall be the one… To safely set you down within the brightest Light, to kiss you so very gently, it will take your breath away, And after, I will wipe away your tears, just close your eyes my dear.

Through this world I have stumbled, So many, many times betrayed, trying to find an honest word, all it nearly seems I find; is that truth has been buried under a mountain of lies forever to be blindly denied.

O’ you speak to me in riddles, you speak to me in rhymes, my body aches to breathe your breath, your words alone keep me alive. And I will be the one, to set you down so tenderly, within Creators Light of Love.

Yet, Kiss you sweetly upon the lips, As to take your breath away, And after, I will wipe away the tears, Just close your eyes and put away your fears,

Into this night I wander all alone, it is the light of morning that I do most dread, another day knowing of the Living Dead stumbling around feasting on the pain and suffering of others, this dark path I do not fear to tread, it is that you will not listen is my dread.

O’ upon the ocean of waking dreams, I stand bare naked without pride. Nothing can stand between us here within my Light, and I will not be denied. And I will be the one, to set you down so gently, in The Holy Light. Too Kiss you so very hard… and take your breath away. After, I will wipe away your tears, just close your tired eyes my dear… As I will also, take away your Dark Fears.

I am the wanderer… that soars upon the winds of time; I wonder what next I’ll find.

To be kissed, and have my tears dried, who will return to me, the love I give to you, that flows forever upon the winds of all time… I’ll spin the power of love and cast its light into your darkest night; to capture within it, these things that cause you to tremble in your darkened fright.

With silent swiftness I do fly out of this darkened sky, taking with me all your dread, because I know that you are not quite yet dead. I give back to you the essence of your Light. The Love you have for so long denied.

Silently I fly upon these winds of time that carries your voiceless calls… that only the owl can hear, they fill my heart and keep me warm as I soar along in this cold and darkened sky, as I seek to find the place where you laid your love down and silently pick it up and turn towards the light…

I am the Owl that carries your love lost to you in the darkness of life’s dream and gives it back to you, from whence you laid it down. As I love to come and find you, lost within the darkness of a human beings Life.

Now, Dear brothers and sisters, lets soar upon our wings of light, come follow me my Love, Let’s take flight back out into Creators Lovely light and together we shall change the way everything has so unjustly been done. Peace will be with you always. Just a few words from an old wise man, a wanderer… soaring upon the winds of time… to give one last message and that is… Within each of you lays the ultimate Golden Prize, the love we hold within our very own HEART now set free.

And I will be the one to kiss you oh so gently upon the cheek as I set you safely down within the warmth of the light, then turn and soar away once again plunging back into life’s darkest places where I see with great clarity with the light of love that shines so brightly from within my heart and pick up another broken heart to return it with great compassion into Creators brilliant light of unconditional love.

I speak these words now and gently hand them over into the caring hands of Karma that gave back to me my own true love as I stand here in the light after having found the last tiny piece of my broken heart and reach inside and place it oh so carefully and I am once again whole, as joy washes over my very soul.

Mitakuye oyasin, we are one, one heart, one mind, one body, one soul, we are the people of the brilliant blue white planet whose name is Love, floating throughout the galaxy known as the star of… Hope. The planet that loves power majiekly transformed a warring mankind of separation and domination into a united humanity of equality and true freedom in order that all her beautiful children could live a life of abundance and joy peacefully.

By Tony Gray’Owl a master dream weaver.


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  1. 🙂

    May 7, 2014 at 2:53 am

  2. Great! Beyond words to express.

    December 20, 2014 at 1:43 am

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