This is a prophecy seen and written down by Tony Gray’Owl; in the silence of self I sat beside the Inner Circle Fire of continuance, Great Grandfather spoke to me saying; the more of us that participate in the re-creation of a better world the quicker it will arrive.

We “will” have Peace worldwide that is my Vision of Humanity, united in the best interests there has ever been imagined for all people. I have seen this level of Love, harmony and unity and it will take place upon this planet. I Plant this seed in your hearts today, this seed will grow Creators love, and out of your heart will grow the Garden of Eden, the original thoughts the Great Spirit had in mind when Mother Earth and we the human beings were created.

To every living soul alive upon this planet and to all the living souls of the furthest reaches in the galaxy, I offer the highest of my honor to each of you today the saying, In Lak’ech Ala K’in, and I offer also this prayer… in saying this prayer together in unity, we are raising the loving energy for Mother Earth. Let us join together and voice this prayer for Mother Earth all people and all our relations in the Spirit of our Elders indigenous traditions.

O’ Infinite Great Spirit that I call Great Grandfather/Grandmother, We the human beings gather together in unity to praise your creation of Father Sky, Mother Earth, Grandmother Moon, and Grandfather Sun.

To honor the swimmers and crawlers, the four-leggeds and the winged ones; we give thanks for the beauty and glory of all creation and open our hearts to new ways to understand our small place in the universe not as the selfish self-centered egotistic central focus of importance. But as a humble and balanced people, where every step we take becomes a prayer, where every word we say creates more harmony in the vast vibrating cosmos and where we know we are singing the song of life. We do not need a miracle; all we truly need is you and your loving guidance to show us the way.

We pray to know more deeply that we are in the Garden of Eden where every plant, every animal, even every speck of dust is a word in our living prayer and is Sacred. Please teach the people of the Middle East that all of Mother Earth is Sacred and that they do not need to kill each other over a small insignificant piece of land. Explain to them that no matter where they are standing; that they are standing on God’s Sacred Holy Land. Mother Earth is Sacred!

We pray for our brothers and sisters of the plant, animal and mineral kingdoms, without them the human family would quickly become extinct. Thus; we wish to bless them, as they bless us.

We pray for humility, not to humble ourselves before ignorant selfish little kings, queens, presidents or priests, but before the ants and the trees for if we cannot be in a true relationship with the ant people, our brothers the trees and all of the gardens guests, we shall become outcasts from the garden. Let us cast the pollution from our hearts so that we may see with clarity the glory God placed within all of His creations and live with thanksgiving for them all.

O’ Great Spirit, remind us it is not how we talk but how we walk; our talk. When we say that we love the animals, let us protect them. When we say that we love the plant people, let us honor them by walking lightly on the earth. When we say that we love the minerals, let us use them only out of necessity and to also remember their rightful places. The ancient crude oil belongs in the ground and not in the air; burnt carelessly through the ignorant use of our deadly and wasteful machines.

Our wondrous beautiful brothers the trees are following your instructions and are breathing “life” into the atmosphere: they are our gifts of clean air, beauty, fire, shelter, fruit, nuts, wonderful medicines and have allowed us to sail the vast oceans. The trees are precious to us in so many ways; they even offer us their leaves as knowledge in how to use and then re-use everything. Without the thoughtless, careless destruction of everything we the human beings touch.
May this vision of loving compassion and understanding that we and all our relatives have a mutual inter-dependence within the vastness of the Cosmic inter-relatedness of all forms of life, let this prayer become the seamless loving garment for all generations, and for our world not to end with black cloud filled skies blotting out the warmth and nourishment of the sun.

But rather for us to live with clean clear air, healthy beautifully growing forests, and wholesome refreshing water, prairies filled as far as the eye can see in all directions with herbs and flowers, and may our Mother Earth continue to nourish lovingly the paths of life for all creatures to walk in beauty through the mountains and valleys, and bless the oceans and the seas for the living water and the salt that all things need to survive.

Wado = Thank you Great Grandfather, Grandmother Spirit, for our protective atmosphere, as we the human inhabitants of Mother Earth rejoices in safety. Hear and empower our enlightened intent: to reduce the blind dependence, let us wisely use and re-use “everything” learning how to recycle the resources at our disposal. With abundant gratitude for the mystery of it all, we pray in the name of the Creator that which I call Truth.

In the name of all people spoken in all languages and in humility this prayer is sent lovingly out into the Infinite mind and heart of God inspired from the heart and mind of Tony Gray’Owl who has now spoken this prayer aloud in the universal language of the Heart called True Love. It has now been stated and placed into vibrational power and the universe must immediately go about manifesting the energy of our focused intent… World Peace. And so it is.

At the end of the journey the light of wisdom shines brilliantly, fixed for eternity atop the pillar of knowledge which has been grounded eternally upon the foundation of love the corner stone of all creation. Conceive this philosophy, and experience the journey by uniting the two into one and you will hold in your hands the Key of Truth.

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3 responses

  1. Highly beauty*filled … words going far beyond words … en*chanting flute sound and the eternal Love of Creation re*creating itself …
    IAm beyond grateful for this Sacred gift, received with the whole of my Rainbow Heart … Come to be and here we are becoming a loving reality that has finally learnt to go beyond, back into the Heart of One _()_ Namaste Be*loved _()_ From the Stars we came eons ago to bring thy Love onto the Earth Mother, Pachamama and all life are happy and the sun is shining here while the snow is melting … the flowers will soon blossom again and the many birds are singing joy*fully… IAm in owe before the Beauty of it all!
    Wakan Tanka, Oh Great Mystery! Pilamaya ye Pilamya ye Lila wopila as the New Earth is indeed coming together and my Heart can sing again…
    Thank YOU, Tony Grey’Owl for BE*ing

    February 22, 2015 at 10:55 am

    • louise Jeffries

      Much loved

      March 31, 2016 at 3:05 pm

    • Keya; You bring tears to my eyes… tears of understanding and Joy… Mitakuye O’yasin. Wakan Tanka, Oh Great Mystery! Pilamaya ye Pilamya ye Lila wopila as the New Earth is indeed coming together and my Heart sings the song of life and love. As the Great mystery reveals the coming of the new birth… In all humility I say you are welcome Tony Gray’Owl an American Shaman. A powerful medicine man and healer of spirit and body.

      March 31, 2016 at 5:55 pm

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