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Blessings of Love and Wisdom to all people upon Mother Earth in the greatest of…

From within the highest concepts of…

Within the silence of self discovery: Great Mystery Spoke to me saying… here within these letters to humanity we set our love free… and with the brilliant light of Creators Wisdom, we have broken the chains of sorrows bondage, our inner hearts are lain bare for all to see the true power, our hearts possess . . . the living essence of the Ultimate of creations power, which is Unconditional love in motion; the legendary focused desire as the totality of Karma is fulfilled, and Buddha is not smiling he is Laughing out loud as he realizes that all the teachings of Jesus, Krishna and ever other Avatar of antiquity has at long last been united into one masterful teaching and is now being taught to humanity from within these letters of our love and our focused desire for global unity.

We leave within these web pages a living legacy, the BOOK of SAYINGS, a daily reference guide for inspirational reading. These letters we write to you are the maps that will lead you to your own hidden treasures, these stories and wonders of poetry, these are the maps, that will lead you to the tracks clearly left behind for others that come after us to follow, they are permanently  imprinting upon Mother Earth and  they will lead you to this one pathway we are illuminating for you, as once you have arrived here… you will realize that all other pathways leads to this pathway… the one and only true path to Enlightenment which then shows you the way to the very highest concepts of personal self realization. We are reaching out with the power of the light and with all our might in order to touch your hearts and minds so that the Great Spirit may then freely reveal to you with incredible clarity the way in which for the awakened people of the light of humanity through their self dedicated love and compassion to save mankind from the darkness of itself and as well explain the way very clearly in how to return Mother Earth to her original Glory and Resplendent Abundance.

Mitakuye oyasin, we are One, in spirit with Great Grandfather/Creator, we are One in all things human and everything concerning Mother Earth. from the heart of, Tony Gray’Owl an Indigenous Shaman of Turtle Island, Elder in the Rainbow Warrior Tribe, listen now as I speak softly upon the aged winds of time…

We dedicate this web site to all our friends and global family we have met on Facebook… Blessings of Love, Joy and Wisdom to each of you.

The people of our planet for ever it seems to us, have always searched out and mined for, GOLD and Precious Gems, obtained through personal greed in order to control others with the power of wealth, and rule over others with the grip of fear and tyranny those they feel are of lesser value.

So “they” say ~ Or ~ So “they” think… NOT!

For what purpose, other than self centered GREED, We ask?

Why do certain people love to see and even cause all others to suffer such awful…

Heartache and Sorrows ?

We shall tell you in all honesty and truth…

A person seeking the light may find every truth within their own being, if they but dig deep into the mine of their heart, in order to reach the deepest depths of one’s own soul; to discover the treasures of life and to understand that they are the master of the worlds Destiny.

Look within and you shall see the meaning of our words.

If you would but alter your thoughts processes, and begin by tracking your random thoughts to their end result, seeing their potential effects upon self and all you come into contact with before you set them into motion, you may then understand the circumstances linking cause and effect through entering the silence of self and with patient observance, personal daily practice, and investigation through personal dedication you can see the results of every experience, no matter how trivial, each and every days occurrences seem to be, realizing these things one may then utilize these higher concepts as a means of obtaining the knowledge of self which is accomplished by understanding that…

Personal Knowledge applied to your daily life = true Wisdom = True Power.

This is the absoluteness of the Law of One

Those that seek, find; and to those whom knock upon the door of knowing it will open to you.

For only through patience, practice, and ceaseless importunity may one enter the door into the, temple of Creators treasure vault, His Heart of Hearts, to understand, Creators UN-Conditional LOVE; and with this knowledge, we may re-create our life with the Great Spirits Infinite Wisdom, and learn to walk the pathway of our life in Beauty.

Thus One may then fully understand how to set free their love, endlessly.

Knowing that beyond the dream of reality… our soul lives on…

Freeing us to love each other for eternity.

ankhbar22 ankhbar22

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